The End Of Grace - is a metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They are back with a new single featuring Jens Westin from Corroded. "Thought in Patterns" is a hard rock slice of metal, that will leave you with a smile. It all came about by accident when Jens Westin listened to the song backstage at one of their (Corroded) shows and fell in love with the song, asked if he could come and do the vocals and the rest is history as they say. It's definitely a break from the norm of The End Of Grace sound, but they couldn't pass up the chance to do something together with their good old friends in Corroded. "Thought in Patterns" is released Friday April 14th through Ilumnirec and the Ilumnirec Studio. The song will be followed by the brand new debutalbum "Infinite Shadow Of Memories" which will be released May 10th. "Som det ser ut just nu, finns det absolut inga gränser i vad som ska kunna åstadkommas från dessa herrar./ As it stands right now, there are absolutely no limits to what is to be accomplished by these men."Micke Andersson - ROCKBLADET.

The End Of Grace, History with over 900,000 plays on Spotify as an independent band, which in these days of the music scene is quite unique. Sweden's up and coming melodic bluescore act The End Of Grace is sure to stand out, mixing Kriss Panic's brutal Deathcore vocals, with pop heavy choruses, and are surely going to take the Swedish Metal scene by storm. Winning new fans wherever they play, they have the magical ability to appeal to everyone with their guaranteed energetic live shows!The End Of Grace has gone through some transformations, and have now landed with fresh, new blood, the band have established themselves in Sweden in an over bloated metal scene and have made a name for themselves with the energetic and honest performance, winning them friends wherever in the world they play. They are back with the new debutalbum "Infinite Shadow Of Memories" this spring were the guys have been testing new material and new ways for a while and have been developing their sound because they felt something was missing. When an old friend of the band (Glen Gilbert from Hide the Knives) came in to put vocals on one of the songs he fell in love with the new sound and it all quickly developed into the new debutalbum "Infinite Shadow of Memories". The sound can best be described as a rich blend of metalcore, blues, dubstep, hard rock and straight up metal. The band wanted the contrast, textures and extremes between the light and the dark and definitely have achieved that on "Infinite Shadow of Memories"All new material is released through Ilumnirec and Ilumnirec Studios.